Dedicated Staff

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Meet Our Team

Our exceptional team is a group of professionals with a mission for residents and guests to live their best lives — growing, learning, and experiencing new things every day.

  • Donna Spree

    Donna Spree

    Director of Environmental Services

    Staff since 1993

  • Jeremy Gingerich

    Jeremy Gingerich

    Director of Community Life

    Staff since 1999

  • Amy Hall

    Amy Hall

    Director Health Promotion

    Staff since 2000

  • Ed Jewett

    Ed Jewett

    Director of Information Technology

    Staff since 2014

  • Robby Butterfield

    Robby Butterfield

    Director of Plant Operations

    Staff since 2018

  • Jenna Arrington

    Jenna Arrington

    Hospice Clinical Manager

    Staff since 2020

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