Executive Leadership

executive leadership

Meet Our Team

Leadership is a spirit, not a job description. You see it when the fitness instructor works hand-in-hand with the rehab staff to help a patient get strong enough for surgery. You see it when a housekeeper introduces a newcomer to a longtime resident who shares her passion for the violin. You see it when people pool their talents to create a new activity for everyone. If you want to see leadership in action, meet our staff. If you want to reach our management, we’re always eager to hear from you.

  • Michael Hambley, President & CEO

    Mike Hambley

    President & CEO

  • Tim Nikkel, Chief Financial Officer

    Tim Nikkel

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Chelsea Powell, VP Human Resources

    Chelsea Powell

    VP Human Resources

  • Vanessa Underwood, VP Health Services & HC Administrator

    Vanessa Underwood

    VP Health Services & HC Administrator

  • Karen Nelson, Director of Nursing

    Karen Nelson

    Director of Nursing

  • Tammy Flaming, VP Marketing

    Tammy Flaming

    VP Marketing

  • Lisa Smading, Assisted Living Administrator

    Lisa Smading

    Assisted Living Administrator

  • Rev. Jermaine Pennington

    VP Life Enrichment

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