Assisted Living Art on Campus By Rollin Karg.
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Art on Assisted Living Campus Created by Local Artist Rollin Karg

Larksfield Place Assisted Living is so thankful for the kindness and generosity of Mr. Rollin Karg. Out of a long-time friendship with resident Barbara Rensner came a new and exciting relationship for the residents with Mr. Karg and Karg Glass. On November 11th, 2021, we held a reception to honor him and the beautiful pieces he has recently created for our campus. Hearing him speak of his story and his art journey through the years gave deeper meaning and an even greater fondness for the 3 pieces.

Diamond Flag combined with Vertical Ribbon and Hand-Blown Glass Plates
Rollin’s contemporary design is a wonderful example of modern art. It marries vibrant colors of glass plates with the metal sculpture Diamond Flag. This creates a happy ambiance for dining. Vertical Ribbon which sits below on the buffet completes the design with a large glass plate nestled in the playful arms of the metal sculpture, Vertical Ribbon. Thus, the viewer can experience the incredible designs in all the glass plates. Second floor viewing is encouraged.

Fore Spike Outdoor Sculpture
Rollin Karg described his inspiration for Fore Spike: “I was working for a local machine company and was asked to come up with a design in ten seconds for the first laser cutter machine in Wichita. The first design was cut out two feet tall. We all loved the design so much, we decided to begin making the design on a much larger scale. Fore Spike is the first of many hundreds made during my career.” The sculpture has been placed on the Larksfield Assisted Living campus and greets visitors as they enter from Rock Road. This museum quality piece is appreciated by all at Larksfield Place who experience its beauty and power.

About Rollin Karg – Artist
How does an industrial engineer come to be an accomplished artist? Rollin Karg, engineer – turned photographer – turned potter – turned woodworker – turned glass blower, has turned one of his hobbies into a full-time career. He attributes his artistic inclination in part to a strong desire to work with his hands. Rollin studied hot glass at Emporia State University commuting from Wichita while building his first furnace. He originally came to Wichita to attend Wichita State University on a football scholarship. His birthplace was Columbus, Ohio, but he was raised in Miami, Florida. Many changes have taken place in his artistic direction since he came to Wichita in the 1962. Rollin has now been inspired by metal sculptures using “mild steel” as his medium and using a technique of bending the metal into artistic designs for indoor or open-air settings.

The art created and shared by Rollin Karg is a tribute to all who leave their homes and are greeted by the sculpture’s welcoming arms as they enter their new home at Larksfield Place Assisted Living. Thank you, Rollin Karg.

Thanks to Barbara Rensner for her contribution to this article.

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