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Larksfield Place Assisted Living Facilitates Independence, Not Dependence

For more than 30 years, I have been directly or indirectly involved in senior-housing and healthcare.  Across this period, I have watched the “aging” journey of thousands upon thousands of older adults, including my parents and my wife’s parents.  Needless to say, I have seen folks “age well” and others struggle mightily, emotionally and physically.  What I have learned from each of the group’s experiences is that “help” is the key to aging well or aging with difficulty.

The loss of independence seems to be the most troubling for folks, even though to a large degree the same is inevitable in varying degrees and forms.  Even in my case as I age, I am less capable of many tasks and things than I was ten years ago.  My independence has somewhat waned as I now (have to) rely on others to do tasks and chores I once took on without regard.  This loss of independence concept, though, to those I watch age well, is not as dire as others might make it or expect it to be.

What I have come to understand is that independence is more a conceptual point of view than a true, exact state.  When we are young, we likely view independence as a physical thing. While our youth may include few physical limitations, other limitations apply as we lack information and, often, resources.  When we age, we may lose physical independence to a degree but hopefully, our knowledge gained and state or resources allows us to offset the physical limitations.  In my case, this is true.

I love the notion that with age comes wisdom, though I have learned that is not uniform.  I watch (and have watched) folks fight the need for assistance so desperately they become trapped by their own war for independence.  They are now prisoners of settings, locations, etc. because they refuse to admit that gaining assistance doesn’t mean dependence – it means freedom.

Larksfield Defines The Difference Between Assisted
Living And Nursing Home

Larksfield provides Assisted Living (keyword is assisted) to facilitate independence, not dependence.  With the availability of a wide array of services in a residential environment, all for one fixed price, residents can gain the help they need and live the life they choose.  With a little help, or some days more, interdependence becomes the reality and that is what a life well-lived is all about. Or as I like: Independence Plus!

Learn how Larksfield offers exceptional care while keeping independence a priority.