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Supporting the Sandwich Generation

Are you caring for your aging parents while raising your own children? Did you know July was Sandwich Generation Month? Caring for your aging parents is at once taxing and rewarding, and most of us need all the help we can get.

The emotional and financial stress of caring for two generations, aging parents as well as children, can manifest itself in many ways. Often adults in the Sandwich Generation find themselves fatigued, overwhelmed and distracted during work or everyday tasks.

Lighten the burden–talk to your parent(s) sooner rather than later.  It’s an opportune time to plan a family conversation about supporting your parents in their retirement years. Don’t wait until a crisis to encourage a move to a retirement community.

Do some homework; plan the conversation.  “Most families first research our website,” says Tammy Flaming, Director of Marketing.  “They are familiar with our reputation for quality and experienced staff and prefer a Continuing Care Retirement Community.”   It is very common to visit and tour the children before meeting their parent(s).  Flaming says, “It never fails, at some point in the tour – usually when we talk about all the dining choices and housekeeping that the children say, ‘forget my parents, when can I move in?’”

We suggest talking to your parent(s) about rekindling relationships with old friends and arranging lunch or dinner in our community.  That is a great way to get a resident’s perspective.  Our residents are our best referral sources.  Without a doubt, the first thing our resident will say is, “don’t wait any longer.” 

Regardless of how nice our retirement community is, it will never be the memory-filled home in which you were raised.  However, life is a series of trade-offs.   Taking the first step is a big one.  Flaming says, “I meet people daily who are hesitant to take the initial step.  The majority of mature adults feel they are not ready for retirement living.  Yet these same folks come into my office six months after they’ve moved in to tell me how happy they are and how they wish they had made the move years earlier.”

We recall a resident’s daughter saying that what made her the happiest is that her mom moved into an “instant community.”  Not only is she surrounded by friendly, interesting people that she is getting to know, she already has a history with a significant portion of the residents.”

If you would like more information or to schedule a private tour please call the Welcome Center at 316.858.3910.