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WSU’s “Sharing Life Stories with Shockers” program brings generations together

The latest session of the Wichita State University Intergenerational “Sharing Life Stories with Shockers” program with Larksfield Place residents is complete!  WSU freshmen enrolled in Connecting Generations spent the second part of their spring semester connecting with our Independent Living residents. This program is part of Larksfield Place’s “I Witness to History” initiative.

Students and residents got to know each other as they engaged in collecting life stories and breaking down stereotypes between generations. The first half of the semester students spent time in the classroom, establishing knowledge of the aging population, while the second half of the semester they took their class to our campus. The residents also took a trip to the WSU campus, getting to experience being a student in the Rhatigan Student Center. Through collectively sharing stories, both generations learned just how much they have in common. The entire experience culminated with a life-story book and banner, presented to each of our participating residents during a luncheon here at Larksfield Place. We are grateful to WSU’s Jacie Green, Director of Graduate Programs in the College of Health Professions, for making this happen!  Thank you, WSU students, for returning for another great session – we look forward to the next one!