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Choosing The Best Hospice Care

A hospice program’s benefits may be difficult and overwhelming at times to assess. Caring for a patient and lending a helping hand for any family or loved ones should be a priority of any experienced healthcare provider. Therefor, an experienced provider’s guidelines of service should details beyond medical care. While these important factors of hospice care programs are crucial to well being they are not the sole priority for aiding a patient and families well being throughout their stay. A care program’s capabilities in treatment and experience will also help guide all involved to create the right environment. We will do all we can to help those planning for hospice care to easily evaluate the foundation of medical services we provide. This courtesy and purposeful care will allow loved ones to start solely focusing on the patient’s comfort.

The Larksfield Hospice Program

For more than 30 years our mission has been to help seniors live their life comfortably, gracefully and always on their terms. Hospice care at Larksfield Place is family-centered. We listen to your concerns and provide medical, emotional and spiritual support consistent with your wishes. Our goal is to alleviate symptoms so residents and loved ones can fully focus on the joy that comes with togetherness.

You can expect the very best support from our team, which offers decades of experience and the highest-rated healthcare resources in Kansas. Larksfield Place is among the top senior care providers in the nation.

Our Services

Nursing care• Medical equipment and supplies needed
• Medications and pain management• Support and comfort for the patient and family
TherapiesRespite care and inpatient care available
• Dietetic services• Chaplain Services

Patient Eligibility

• The physician has confirmed a terminal condition with a life expectancy of 6 months or less
• Patient/family elects care focused on symptom control and comfort as opposed to aggressive or ongoing treatment in the hope of a cure
• Patient/family desires additional caregiver support and resources not covered under traditional insurance or traditional Medicare

How to Pay for Hospice Care

Listed services are covered by Medicare and some commercial insurance companies.

Hospice coverage includes medications, medical equipment and supplies related to the terminal illness. Larksfield Place will work with you and your insurance company to determine the coverage of your hospice benefit.

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