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Living on Purpose series is part of our Living It campaign!

“Living It” is a campaign aimed at challenging and inspiring you to try new pursuits in the four pillars of healthy longevity. Focusing on one pillar per week, you are encouraged to try new activities each week. This week’s challenge is “Intellectual Vitality.” Challenging the brain helps to retain and enhance most mental abilities. Intellectual Vitality is about stimulating our brains and using and growing our capabilities. This special interview with Larksfield resident Helen Bullock called “Living on Purpose” is an overview of her commitment to being a Lifelong Learner which we all aspire to do. https://youtu.be/_rgmJTObWwU

Here’s a great place to start your lifelong learning! Larksfield board member Dr. Louis Medvene, Professor Of Psychology, Emeritus, Wichita State University will be teaching a class at WSU called “Successful Aging” starting February 16th. For more info click here: https://www.enrole.com/wichita/jsp/course.jsp?categoryId=10029&courseId=CE–AGING