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Speaker: What You Should Know About Dementia

We were privileged to have a special speaker come to Larksfield Place on Thursday, July 14th.  Breanna Bullard, a former Wichita resident, WSU student, and Larksfield Place employee, is now in a graduate program at the University of California at Berkeley and spoke on “What You Should Know About Dementia.” 

Breanna has been involved in some research related to dementia and has a real passion for it and for helping people learn more about it because it affects many older people. We don’t often think about dementia unless someone we know is affected by it, but there is so much to learn about it – its characteristics and the various ways it can affect a person and manifest itself.  You never know when you, a friend, or a loved one might be beginning to experience some aspects of it, and what you’ve learned about it might be of value to you or others.

In addition, as the prevalence of dementia increases, more and more friends and family members will need to provide care for their loved ones.  While many caregivers find this work rewarding, many also experience challenges to their mental and physical well-being.  Caregivers are at increased risk for worsening health.  However, some caregivers experience little changes to their well-being.  It is not well understood why some caregivers fare better than others.  According to Breanna, The University of California at Berkeley, Psychophysiology Lab hopes to understand this complex experience better and to discover ways caregivers can best be supported. 

View Breanna’s presentation at https://youtu.be/lNwdcKo05f4